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Annual Governors' Report

The Governors’ Annual Report

It is a statutory obligation for every governing body of a maintained school in Wales  to produce an annual report on its work during the academic year.

The report must, at a minimum, contain certain information as detailed in Chapter 6 of the guide entitled ‘Providing Information’ and The School Governors’ Annual Reports (Wales) Regulations 2011 The report may also include any other information that the governing body considers relevant.

The governing body also has the opportunity to prepare a summary report, the minimum content of which is also prescribed in the regulations.

At a minimum, the governing body must circulate to all parents a copy of the summary report and inform parents that a copy of the full report is available to them should they wish to receive it.

It is for the governing body to determine both the language or languages and form in which the report is to be produced, subject to any direction given by the LA.

 There is no set time of year for publishing the annual report, but to tie in with target setting requirements governing bodies are encouraged to publish their reports during the Autumn term.

The writing of the annual report is the corporate responsibility of the governing body and should not fall to the headteacher alone. 

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