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At Llantilio Pertholey Primary we understand that classrooms need to be calm, safe spaces in order for learning to thrive.  The starting point for this is understanding our pupils as individuals really well and meeting their needs.  Consistency in approach is very important and so we have developed a simple set of rules that the children can understand to avoid low level disruptions in school.  We also have a whole-school approach for rewards and sanctions so that pupils understand exactly what is expected from them.  These are on posters displayed throughout the school.

More serious behaviours, including children who regularly do not follow our rules, are dealt with through our Behaviour Policy.  This may include working with parents and the child to create a Behaviour Plan.  We believe that learning in school is not just about learning academics such as reading and writing.  It is our duty to support all children to manage their behaviours and to deal with their frustrations.  We take a Restorative Approach in our school and take time to talk through problems with children to discuss how children could manage their behaviour in future situations.


Our 'motto' is simple:

Be kind, be the best you can be.