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Breakfast Club

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All children who go to a primary school maintained by a local authority are entitled to a free breakfast at school.


The Free Breakfast in Primary Schools Scheme is not there to provide childcare: the scheme is there to provide breakfast to make sure that all children have fuel at the start of each day.


Research shows that a healthy breakfast may help to improve children’s health and concentration. This may help them to learn better. Children are obviously supervised by staff but they should be eating breakfast!


Staff are there to make sure that children can safely choose their breakfast and eat it before the start of the school day.  Our Breakfast Club starts at 8.30am and doors close at 8.40am. This is to ensure that pupils have enough time for breakfast. 


We also offer ‘wrap around’ childcare before the free breakfast session starts. This childcare is separate from the Free Breakfast in Primary School scheme. In our school this starts at 8.00am. We charge just £1.00 for this service and it is payable through ParentPay.


You will need to log in to your ParentPay account.

Click on 'View all items' and select the item you wish to book by clicking on 'View' and then 'Make bookings'.

Select the week you wish to book and click 'Make or View Bookings'. A week to view calendar will appear where you can select the days you wish to book. Then click on 'Confirm Bookings'.

Please note - All bookings must be made at least one day before it is required and must be cancelled at least one day before the booking, to ensure you are not charged for that session.

Also you must have the funds available on your Parentpay account in order to book a session.

If you experience any difficulties with this booking system, please contact the office where we will be happy to assist you.

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