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Our Governing Body

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If you would like to contact the Chair of Governors, Kirsty Flynn, or the Governing Body as a whole, you may email the main school office and we will be happy to pass any information on:

Alternatively, you may put a letter in an envelope and give to the main school office.  We will pass it on the the Governing Body.

Chair of Governing Body - Mrs Kirsty Flynn

Vice Chair of Governing Body - Mrs Sarah Lewis

Our Governing Body for 2023/2024 is made up of:

Co-opted member (appointed by the governing body)

Ex-officio member (as vicar of St Teilo’s Church)

Father Julian Gray


Foundation members (church appointed members)

Mr Karl Sage


Parent members (elected by parent ballot)

Mrs Kirsty Flynn

Mrs Angharad Brankley

Mrs Emily Charrington


Staff members (elected by members of staff)

Mrs Nicola Balkwill

Mrs  Kath Sutherland


Local Authority members (appointed by Monmouthshire County Council)

Mrs Sarah Lewis


Community council member (appointed by Llantilio Pertholey Council)


Mrs Helen King - Ex-officio

The School’s Governing Body is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the school including the responsibility for the content of the curriculum particularly with regard to Health and Sex Education, the appointment of staff and control of the school finances.

Members of the governing body are either elected by parents and members of staff, co-opted by the governing body when they have a specific skill that they can bring to governance, or appointed by the local county and community councils.


All governors serve for a term of four years and are required to undertake some training, which can be done online, when they first join the governing body. All Governors are offered further training, and take advantage of the many courses run by the Education Achievement Service.


Each governor is a representative of a specific group, all of which have a direct role in the life of the school. Once appointed the governing body acts as a single organisation in the best interests of the school.


There are two meetings of the Governing Body each term held at the school.

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