Holiday Request Form

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Travelling to other countries, spending quality time with family, visiting long-distance relatives, witnessing other cultures all add to the richness of learning experiences that we can offer our children.  Holidays are not only fun and relaxing, but they also help your child become smarter, build a stronger emotional foundation, and allows them to explore their natural curiosity.

In Wales, parents should not take their children out of school for a holiday without obtaining the permission of the headteacher in advance.  


The headteacher may authorise up to 10 days absence during the school year if it is considered necessary. 


This is considered on a case by case basis.  A number of things will be taken into account before reaching a decision, including the time of year, length of the holiday, the reason for the holiday, impact on learning, timing of exams or tests, family circumstances and the wishes of parents, as well as the overall attendance and attainment of the child.

If the headteacher does not give permission for the leave of absence, the absence is treated as an ‘unauthorised absence’.

If required, please print, complete and return the following forms to the school office.