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Our school badge reads: In God we believe, together we achieve.  Our school is a very close-knit Christian community who look after each other and support each other in every way.  The children learn that they are never alone.  There is always someone to turn to: God, friends, teachers, family and the church.  

All of the staff know the children in our school really well and we share responsibility for the welfare of every child in the school.  We believe that the whole community has an essential part to play in the growth and development of our children.  Community gives our children a sense of belonging and is crucial to the building of their identity.  At the heart of everything we do is our Christian faith and the knowledge that God is with us and guiding us every step of the way.

We are passionate that children who feel loved and who feel that they belong are empowered and fully ready to learn.  This is the key to ensuring that every child really does meet their true potential in every aspect of their lives.


Religious Education and Collective Worship


The school is a Church in Wales Voluntary Controlled School and has strong links with St Teilo’s church and its associated community.  Each school day features an assembly for collective worship and is an important part of our school day.  Visitors are invited to lead some of our assemblies.  RE is planned and taught throughout the school and where possible is linked to topics and themes.  RE and collective worship link to a different value each half term.  It is hoped that RE will encourage pupils in their personal search for the meaning and purpose of life through an exploration of religious and spiritual beliefs and concepts. We believe that RE encourages a reflective approach to living, knowledge and understanding of religious beliefs and practices and a development of personal skills in forming reasoned opinions, based on evidence and argument.  Religious Education makes a strong contribution to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils.  Through the teaching of RE we hope to give the children a sound basis of Christianity and other faiths, through the teaching of values.


Christian Values

We follow 12 Christian values and look at one each half term in assembly and school.  

2022/2023 Cycle A

2023/2024 Cycle B

2024/2025 Cycle A

 The purposes of Section 50 inspection are:


  • to provide an evaluation of the distinctiveness and effectiveness of the church school for the governing body, the school, the parents, the diocese, the Provincial Education Office and the wider public

  • to meet the requirements of Section 50 of the Education Act 2005 for schools which have a religious character

  • to verify the judgements formed as a result of the school’s self-evaluation processes

  • to make a significant contribution to improvement in Church schools.


 Section 50 inspection focuses on the effect that the Christian character of the church school has on the learner.  Schools will become effective by means of a variety of strategies, approaches and styles, which reflect their local context or church tradition.  Inspectors should carefully diagnose how the impact that each church school has on the learner is achieved and how the learner’s personal and educational needs are being met.  They will not apply a preconceived template of what a distinctive or effective church school should be like.

To read our most recent Section 50 Inspection Report:

School has a close relationship with St. Teilo's and Father Julian is a regular face in our school.


Father Julian regularly does whole school and class assemblies.  We visit the church throughout the year.  

In the summer, Year 6 are offered Confirmation sessions with Father Julian.

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Bishop Cherry

Weekly Reflections
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The Church in Wales believes and proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ. This is Good News, because it encourages each one of us to realise that God loves us, that he has gone out of his way to meet us in the person of his Son, in whom he accepts us as we are. He asks us to draw on his strength to live life to the full, and to bring healing to the world.

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Our Christian Ethos and Diocese Information

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