Key Dates

​​*School term dates are set by the Welsh Government. Each year schools sets six INSET training days. These are often, but not always, attached to the start or end of a half term. INSET dates will be notified near the start of each school year according to training needs. 


Spring Term

Friday 21st January: INSET Day

Monday 21st February-Friday 25th February: - Half Term

Monday 28th February: INSET Day

Friday 8th April: End of Spring Term 

Summer Term

Monday 25th April: Start of Summer Term 

Monday 30th May- Monday 3rd June - Half Term

Monday 6th June: INSET Day

Friday 1st July: INSET Day

Friday 22nd July: End of Summer Term


Autumn Term

Friday 2nd September INSET Day

Monday 5th September Children's first day of school

Monday 31st October-Friday 4th November: Half Term

Friday 23rd  December:  End of Autumn Term 

Spring Term

Monday 9th January: Start of Spring Term

Monday 20th February-Friday 24th February: - Half Term

Friday 31st March: End of Spring Term 

Summer Term

Monday 17th April: Start of Summer Term 

Monday 29th May- Monday 2nd June - Half Term

Wednesday 21st July: End of Summer Term


21st February-25th February: Half Term

28th February: Teacher Training

1st March: Eisteddfod

3rd March: World Book Day

Monday 3rd May: May Day

Monday 9th May: Personalised Assessments

Monday 16th May: Personalised Assessments

Friday 27th May: Jubilee Celebrations

6th June: Teacher Training

27th June: Extra holiday for Jubilee

1st July: Teacher Training

22nd July: End of Summer Term

2nd September: Training Day

Monday 5th September:  Start of Autumn Term for  children