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School Meals and Free School Meals


The number of pupils choosing school meals in Monmouthshire has increased in recent years. The popularity is due to a number of factors including fantastic theme days to celebrate World Book Day, St David’s Day the Royal Wedding and the very popular Christmas lunch. More theme days are planned in coming months, Schools are welcome to contact the Catering Department to discuss one off menu’s to compliment curriculum topics, making learning fun and imaginative.

Pupils love the imagination and creativity in the unique names of some of the dishes and wide range of choices. Parents love knowing their child has had a home cooked meal made using fresh produce.

School meals cost £2.45. Parents have welcomed the introduction of Parent Pay. A new online method to pay for school lunch. It is a quick and easy way for parents to pay for school dinners at any time of the day. A brilliant way to taking the stress out of looking for spare change to pay for lunch in the heady morning rush.

For more information about School Meals and whether you are eligible to receive FREE school meals, CLICK HERE

If you have any questions about the Universal Free School Meals please look at the FAQs.

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