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School Meals and Free School Meals

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The number of pupils choosing school meals in Monmouthshire has increased in recent years. The popularity is due to a number of factors including fantastic celebration theme days including World Book Day, St David’s Day, Royal Events and the very popular Christmas lunch. 

Pupils love the imagination and creativity in the unique names of some of the dishes and wide range of choices. Parents love knowing their child has had a home cooked meal made using fresh produce.

All Primary age children are entitled to a free school lunch.  


For more information about School Meals and whether you are eligible to receive FREE school meals or a clothing grant , CLICK HERE

If you have any questions about the Universal Free School Meals please look at the FAQs.

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As with all schools in Wales, we adhere to the statutory Healthy Eating Guidance as set by the Welsh Government.

Pupils must have easy access at all times to free, fresh drinking water, especially during breakfast sessions and lunchtimes. Mineral water, still and carbonated is permitted under the Healthy Eating Regulations. However, water containing sweeteners, sugars, honey, colouring or flavouring is not permitted. Why is having water freely available important?

• Water quenches thirst and does not damage teeth.

• To help children choose drinking water with meals instead of sweetened soft drinks. • Water promotes hydration and has no calories.

• Drinking water can help to prevent a range of short- and long-term health problems such as headaches, bladder and bowel problems.

• To promote water availability in schools children do not have to pay for tap water as it is a drink which is equally accessible to all.

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