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All children in Year 2-Year 6 are in a pupil voice group.  These groups meet every week.  The children work with a member of staff to create an Action Plan for their group.

A true commitment to pupil voice helps to illustrate the value that is placed upon pupils within our school. Children working alongside staff and management, knowing that they have a key part to play, can help further develop effective relationships between pupils and other members of the school community.

Pupil Voice is important to:

establish a culture of student leadership by encouraging pupils to take on leadership roles and responsibilities within the school community. This could involve creating a student council or involving pupils in decision-making processes around school policies and procedures. By fostering a culture of student leadership, schools can empower children to take an active role in shaping their learning experiences.

create opportunities for pupil input and feedback: Provide children with opportunities to share their opinions, ideas, and feedback on a regular basis. This could involve implementing regular student surveys or focus groups to gather input on topics such as curriculum, teaching methods, and school policies. By incorporating pupil input and feedback into decision-making processes, schools can ensure that their practices align with student needs and interests.


promote inclusive practices: Ensure that all pupils, regardless of their background or ability, have an equal opportunity to participate in pupil voice initiatives. This could involve providing support and accommodations for children with special educational needs or involving students from diverse backgrounds in leadership positions. By promoting inclusive practices, schools can ensure that all students have a voice and are able to contribute to the school community.


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