Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning

SEAL is one of the latest initiatives in education. Our school started implementing SEAL in 2010 and it now plays an important role in teaching children several key themes.

There is a different focus every half term. We start with a whole school assembly, carry out many different activites and discussions in class, and then meet together for another whole school assembly to share what we have done.  

The seven themes are:

New Beginnings

Getting on and Falling Out

Say No To Bullying

Going for Goals

It's Good to Be Me




We are all connected to each other. Class 4 had to say how we were connected to each other in the class and showed it physically by passing the ball of wool around. We certainly were all connected by the end of the SEAL session.


Class 6 and 7 closed their eyes, grabbed hold of someone else's hand, and then had to untangle themselves without letting go. It emphasised the need for team work and trust.