New Beginnings

The final SEAL assembly of the theme was held on Wednesday 24th October 2012 and every class shared with the school a lot if interesting work that they had been doing in class. In the first assembly, the children heard a story about the creation of the world. They were asked to think about what an ideal world be like. In class, they then had to think what an ideal school would be like. They were all given two leaves: on one leaf, they had to write how they would like the school to be and it was placed on our tree; on the second leaf, they had to write what they do not want the school to be like and this one went in the bin.  

Our School Tree - before


Our School Tree - after

All leaves contain ideas of what the children want the school to be like. The bin contains what the children don't want to see in their school.

Class 7

Martin Luther King and the famous speech 'I Have a Dream'. In the speech he stated what he would like to see to make this an ideal world. Class 7 planned what they would like for an ideal world. 

Class 6

. . . learnt about strategies to cope with uncomfortable feelings and ways to calm themselves down. They wrote up comic strips about their own experiences of starting new clubs etc. They also know how others feel when in an unfamiliar situation. 

Class 5

 . . . thought of questions you could ask to start a conversation. What do you like to play? Where do you live? They also filled in a 'favourites wheel' to see who had the same interests.

Class 4

. . . wrote about the talents and gifts of the animals who lived in the New World (based on the story at the start of the theme). They discussed what they were good at and which jobs they should do, e.g. Heron was good at fishing so she should find food for the others, Mole was good at digging so he could dig for food.

Class 3

. . . talked about how new children might feel when starting something new (shy, unsure, nervous, happy, excited, frightened). They then discussed how they could make them feel welcome (play with them, show them where to go, teach them the class rules and talk to them).

Class 2

. . . drew pictures and discussed what would make a happy classroom.

Class 1

. . . talked about things that make them happy.