Good To Be Me

The theme 'Good To Be Me' is all about how we are different and have our own different talents and skills. It is also about understanding ourselves, how we react in different situations and learning to persevere. In the opening assembly, we heard how Mouse was much smaller than the other animals but she was the only one who could bite through the net and release Lion, Gazelle and Monkey from the poachers. We all have talents, however small we might feel at times.



Something Inside So Strong

As part of our final assembly, we listened to 'Something Inside So Strong' and thought about different aspects of our personality. Class 7 showed how they had been working on the skill of disagreeing without falling out. They discussed topics such as 'girls are better than boys' without arguing.

Class 6 had been working on how to feel positive when things go wrong - making the best of  a bad situation.

Class 5 made posters which showed off their achievements. They listed lots of things they had done which made them feel proud. 

Class 4 had been thinking about their worries. They looked at which worries were unlikely to hapen, which ones they could do something about, and which ones they could do nothing to change. 

Class 3 had been studying Africa and had learnt about Adinkra patterns. They chose symbols  which reflected their personality and the things that were important to them.

Class 2 had made a book of each other's talents.They knew what everyone in the class was good at.  

Class 1 were able to talk about a time when they felt proud of themselves. They made a book about it.