Going For Goals

Our theme which started in January is called 'Going for Goals'. The children learnt about taking responsibility for their own learning, setting their own targets, being persistent and persevering in a task.

The opening assembly was all about a boy called Samindra who had to travel a long way to buy a carburettor for his family's tractor. He had many hurdles to overcome but pushed himself on towards his goal by saying to himself 'You can do it. Keep on going.'

In the final assembly the children shared many examples of how they had persevered and thought about their learning. Reception class shared with the school their goals as babies, their goals now and how different they are.  Year 1 shared with the school goals what they wanted to achieve on a particular week in school and how they had achieved them.  Mrs Price's recorder group showed how they had to persevere in order to learn an instrument. Year 3 had broken down thier goals into ten 'steps to success'. Year 4 shared with the school their posters about their barriers to learning - and how they can overcome those barriers. Year 5 had to teach another child a new skill. They shared two examples: how to say their name and a greeting in British Sign Language, and how to make dresses for their doll. Year 6 had been reading Martin Luther King's speech, 'I have a dream', and wrote their own dreams for themselves and for the world.

The opening music was 'Something Inside So Strong'.