Getting on ...

... and Falling Out

Getting on and Falling Out is the second SEAL theme. It takes place in the second half of the Autumn Term. We learn about conflict resolution, win-win situations, working together,  how to calm down in a heated situation, how to give and receive compliments plus a lot more.

The opening assembly taught the children about 'friendship tokens' and how to give them out. This meant being kind to people, cheering them up when they are down, doing favours, helping out and other helpful things. After carrying out lots of different activities in class, we then shared our ideas and posters in the final assembly at the end of the term. Year 3 shared their 'Fireworks' posters and how they diffuse an explosive situation. Year 4 showed their friendship game. Year 5 had done a lot of collaborative work and shared their brainstorms and their sketches. Year 6 showed us how they can work together and untangle themselves.