Some helpful videos

Please take a look at our 'How To,' video section which demonstrates a couple of fun games to play at home which will help your children with their basic maths skills. 

We also have a selection of photographs from our tailored, maths intervention groups as well as examples of the hard work from parents during our 'Parent Forums,' helping us to make maths resources and from the students who have worked hard in their free time to ensure we have the necessary resources to help the children's cognitive development in maths. 

Taking away 

Year 3 explain how to take a 2-digit number away from a 2-digit number.



A few children explaining how to add on.


How To: Doubles

The resources for the following activities are in the packs we have for sale in school. The packs cost £5. We are running sessions for parents to demonstrate fun activities and games they can play with at home to improve their children's core maths skills.