Rules for Den Building – Key Stage 2

1. Don’t go anywhere where you can’t be seen by an adult.  

2. Carry sticks safely (drag big branches across the floor).

3. Do not destroy other people’s dens.

4. Everyone must be allowed to join in.

5. No climbing the trees or over fences.

6.  Stay on school property at all times.

7. If a rule is broken, an adult must be told.

8. Don’t break branches of trees (only branches that have already fallen).

9. No throwing sticks (or anything else).

10. No play-fighting with sticks at all.

11. Any objects be brought from home must be cleared by a KS2 adult before use.

12. Tidy away all man-made items after finishing (think about wildlife).

13.  Only den build if an adult tells you, you can (weather permitting).

14.  Only den build when it’s the turn for your class (see timetable).