What are we doing in Year 6?
Beth ydyn ni'n wuend ym Mlwyddyn 6?

What’s happening in Year 6 – Autumn term, 2018?


 The children will be given homework periodically which will need to be returned by the date given. It would be useful if each child could have a decent-sized homework folder in order to carry their work safely to and from school.



 The children need to bring their reading book and reading-record book to school with them on their allocated day. They (generally) will not be reading these books to an adult in school as we will be hearing them read their Group Guided Reading book so we rely on parents to make sure they do read these books. Please set aside some time to listen to your child read regularly. Even the most able readers benefit from this.


    They will have weekly spellings to learn which are tailored to meet the individual needs of the children and curriculum. Spelling tests are on a Friday and they will need to have their spelling books with them every Friday. We advise the children to practise their spellings for five minutes every day.


 In addition to reading and spelling there will be other pieces of English to be completed at home, periodically. These usually reinforce work that we have covered in school.



 The most important thing you can do to help your child with their Maths is to ensure that they know their tables inside-out, upside-down and back-to-front!! Don’t listen to a child who says, ‘I know my 7 x tables’! Accuracy and speed are of the essence! (They can always learn their 13-20 x tables!) Please also ensure your child knows how to tell the time – analogue first, then digital.  They need to be able to read timetables and work out what time it will be in 50 minutes, for example.

P.E Kits: P.E will be on a Friday this year. When it’s cold the children may wear track-suit bottoms and a sweat-shirt. They will also need trainers. As the term progresses, we will be doing indoor and outdoor PE so they need to be fully equipped for both these sessions every Friday. 

Other curriculum areas:

 Our topic this term is ‘Blitz!’ which is all about WW2. Sometimes your child will be asked to produce a project or piece of research at home which they may need your help/guidance with.


Residential Trip

Year 6 will be going to Condover Hall again (dates/forms to follow)  .


Please call in to see us at any time if you feel your child has a problem. If we work together, your child will have a happy, successful year.

Thank you for your time and patience!

Mr. G. Langdon and Mrs. H. Evans