Year 4 Information for Parents - Autumn Term

Gwybodaeth Blwyddyn Pedwar i Rieni - Tymor y Gwanwyn

Welcome to Year 4. Hopefully this letter will let you know what we are doing in Year 4 this term.


Topic Work

 ‘Sportswear Designer’ covers a variety of scientific areas such as the properties of materials, insulators and conductors, evaporation, waterproof and absorbent, and keeping healthy. The children will explore how to design and make a prototype of some clothing, improving their cutting and joining skills. In Literacy, they will explore the words and language used in advertising, advertise their product and do persuasive writing.

‘999 Emergency’ looks at the role of the emergency services in the community and several local social and moral dilemmas (e.g. litter, graffiti, anti-social behaviour). They will use ICT to research the work that the emergency services carry out as well as writing the scripts for a drama which feature young people and deals with these dilemmas. They will then act them out or film an animated version of them. They will produce posters and leaflets about local issues.

Alongside these topics, the children will also have Welsh and RE lessons. In Welsh they will continue the new ‘Pod Antur’ scheme. The RE themes for these two half terms are Trust and Humility. If you have anything which may help us at all with our topics, or know someone who could visit school and talk about the topic, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. All suggestions will be gratefully received. We have previously had several visitors in to speak to the children including a professional cyclist, a member of the Neighbourhood Watch, a forensics expert and a journalist, among others.



Maths is taught every day. By now, most children should have secure knowledge of their 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X and 10X tables, telling the time and handling money. This coming year, we will be learning the 6X, 7X, 8X and 9X tables, using negative numbers and fractions, measuring to the nearest millimetre and using the 24-hour clock. We will use the Big Maths Beat That test every week to keep the times table facts ‘on the boil’ and we will do the CLIC test every few weeks to practise number skills.

Since the summer term, we have introduced Maths homework on a Tuesday which must be completed and returned to school on a Wednesday. This is not a huge amount of work, just a few sums to reinforce the work being done in class. One of the most important aspects of the homework is your child talking and explaining their thought processes to you, as it really helps to reinforce understanding.


Reading Books

Group Guided Reading has proven to be very successful in providing the children with the opportunities to develop their ‘higher-order reading skills’ – understanding the characters and plot in the story, getting deeper meaning from the book etc. The children will bring home a different book to read, which may be from the new scheme or may be a free choice book. Please return all books on a Thursday. If you need to keep the book for longer, please put a note in the home reading book. Reading is such an important part of your child’s homework, so please find opportunities to read with your child.


Other timetable information

We still have singing practice on a Friday morning. SEAL (Circle Time) is on a Wednesday morning. Spellings are on a Friday. Don’t forget to return your red book for two house points. I have my PPA time on a Wednesday for this term when Mrs Harding will teach the class. 


P. E. and Games

In Year 4, we have P.E. and Games on a Monday afternoon and a Wednesday afternoon. Lessons can be either indoors or outdoors, depending on the topic and the weather. Please provide them with shorts and a t-shirt for P.E. They can either wear indoor pumps or bare feet. As Games lessons are usually outdoors, many parents like to give their child a pair of jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt during the winter months.


What can I do to help my child at home?

I am always asked this question and there are several practical things you could really help your child with (as well as the regular reading, spelling and Maths homework) :-

•          Making sure children have had experience of money and giving change from £1.

•          Doing lots of weighing and measuring with your child

•          Year 4 children should know their birthday, as well as being able to recite the months of the year and days of the weeks.

•          They should be able to spell their surname.

•          They should be able to recite the alphabet.

•          In Year 4, they are expected to tell the time on an analogue clock, including five past, twenty to, quarter to etc. They should already be able to read a digital clock as well and know ‘twenty to 4’ is ‘3:40’. Any regular help you can give will be beneficial. It is half past eight, the journey to school takes 15 minutes, when will we arrive? You’re having a bath at 7 o’clock. How long have you got left to play?



As you know from last year, the children in Key Stage 2 are no longer provided with a healthy fruit snack by the school. If your child would like a small snack during morning playtime, please send a piece of fruit with them in the morning, e.g. an apple, some grapes in a pot, segments of orange etc. 


Thank you very much for your cooperation in all these matters. I look forward to a successful year.


Mr Oram.