Celebration Assemblies - Autumn 2016

At the end of each week, we award children with the Headteacher's Award and OTIS. Here are our winners so far this term.

9th September 2016

15th September 2016

22nd September 2016

OTIS - 22nd September

Well done Year 3!

OTIS - 30th September

Excellent, Year 1.

30th September

7th October

OTIS - 7th October

Year 1 again! Well done.

OTIS - 14th October 2016

Congratulations, Year 4.

14th October 2016

19th October

OTIS 19th October

OTIS 4th November

4th November

11th November

OTIS 11th November

Well done Year 3.

OTIS 18th November

18th November

25th November

OTIS 25th November

OTIS 1st December

OTIS 9th December

9th December

Hamper winners

15th December Super Spellers

15th December OTIS