Start of Term, September 2014

Class 1 - new children

Dear Parents,

For the first week of term, all children will be attending school for half a day. If they came for  the mornings during the taster day, they should come to school in the mornings. If they came in the afternoon on the taster day, they need to come for the afternoons. 

For the second week of term, the children will attend the other session - if they did mornings, in the first week, they will do afternoons. And if they did afternoons in the first week, they will do mornings in the second week. 

Starting on the third week, all the children will be in school together for the whole day. 

For these first three weeks of term, could you possibly collect your children at 3.10pm, please? This is slightly earlier than normal but it will help with getting to know parents and making sure the handover at the end of the day is safe.

Thank you,

Mr Simon Oram

Assistant Headteacher.