Year Two Newsletter – Autumn Term 2017

Welcome back after the Summer break and welcome to Year Two!

Wow! A new class, two new teachers and new exciting Foundation Phase topics that will engage all pupils and will continue to develop their skills. It will only feel like yesterday that your child started reception and now they are in Year Two. This is an important year for the children; they are now the eldest in Foundation Phase and are our role models to the younger ones. It is also their first year of National tests (more information to come in the Spring Term) and they will be given an end of year Outcome Level.

Here is some information about Year Two.

First topic is: Dinosaurs.

PE lessons: This will be on a Tuesday afternoon and our ‘Play to learn’ scheme will be implemented into other lessons. We will also continue with the daily mile.

Each child will need; a T shirt, shorts and suitable footwear (for outdoor PE)

It is really important that all children have their PE kits every Tuesday and these should be marked clearly with your child’s name. PE kits can be kept in a bag which will be hung in the cloakroom for the duration of the half term.

If your child wears earrings then they must take them out for their PE lessons and long hair must be tied up.

School uniform: Please can all school uniform, outdoor coats and even shoes be marked clearly with their names.

Morning snacks: We provide a selection of fresh fruit snacks every morning. The cost is £1 a week . You can pay £1 weekly, £8 half term or £15 for the whole term. This money should be sent in on a Monday in a marked envelope. If a reminder is sent home please could you bring the fruit money in ASAP due to the weekly bills we have to pay. If you do not want your child to receive a selection of fruit then please inform us by writing a letter.

Drinks: All children have the option for a drink of milk mid-morning. I also suggest you send in an extra drink of water for your child to have throughout the day which is kept in the yellow boxes inside our classroom.

Home Readers: Your child will choose a book from our Library box which they will keep at home for a week and return every Thursday. These books are for you to share with your child in a fun way.

Reading Books: These books are sent home regularly and they will help your child to progress. Ensure that you listen to them read regularly and help them learn any new words. Please send in the books (in their school book bag provided) on their selected days every week.

Spellings: Children will have individual words to learn every week which they will practise most days in class. We will have a little test Thursday mornings.

A copy of these will be sent home, it will help your child greatly if you could encourage them to practise these at home too and return their home spelling book every Thursday. Your child will be assessed for the first two weeks and they will receive their new list of words on Thursday 14th September 2017 and the first test will begin on Thursday 21st September, 2017

Homework: Weekly homework will be; reading, practise their spellings, Maths and occasionally topic projects/ homework.

Teachers: Monday- Wednesday will be Mrs Hall and Wednesday *afternoon- Friday will be Miss Morgan.

Non – contact time (PPA) We will have time out of the classroom *Wednesday afternoon once a fortnight to discuss, plan and prepare work for the class. During this period lessons will be covered by Mrs Fancis.

The Wednesday that we are both in the class, we will both teach and give children the opportunity to work one to one. We will aim to work on concepts where they may have misunderstood a task during the week.

Thank you very much. 

Mrs Hall and Miss Morgan