Year 3 - Blwyddyn 3

Dosbarth Miss Toombs a Mrs Sutherland

Dear Parents,                                                                                 

This is the second termly letter to let you know what we are doing in Year 3 this term.


Miss Toombs – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. PPA – Monday pm, covered by Mrs Francis

Mrs Sutherland – Thursday, Friday. PPA every other Friday afternoon cover by Mrs Francis


Routine activities

Many of the routine lessons and activities from last term will be continuing as normal:

  • Handwriting on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • PE on a Tuesday afternoon (see below) and every other Thursday and Friday afternoon
  • Spelling Test and Lesson on a Friday (please remember red spelling books)
  • SEAL/Circle Time on a Wednesday
  • Singing Practice on a Friday morning.


Topic Work

Over the next term, we will be studying two different topic areas:-


Castles and Dragons

The Castles and Dragons topic studies aspects of a historical nature.  It celebrates Wales and its history, through the exploration of Welsh princes, folk dances and legends. Focussing on the Medieval Period of 1063 and 1283, children will learn about the key provinces of Gwynedd, Powys, Deheubarth and Morgannwg. The project will explore both the poor and the Princes’ lifestyles, their homes and castles and how their roles shaped society. At the heart of this project children read, write and re-tell myths and legends and create their own stories in the same style. We will also look at instruction writing.  Children will learn additional skills in presenting and recounting historical information. In the Innovate Stage children play the role of villagers to plan, prepare and present a case for lower taxes to a Welsh Prince of a local castle. Children can extend their knowledge by researching castles and medieval times using the following websites.    

Why not have a look at Turner’s paintings of castles and try and copy some at home? Or design a coat of arms for your family?


Bones, Blood and Gory Bits

This project has a science focus and teaches children about the human body including significant organs such as the heart, brain and lungs. At the heart of this project children write explanations to describe biological processes of the human body and develop additional skills using a range of technical and scientific language.

In the Innovate Stage children apply their skills and understanding by creating a friend for Frankenstein’s monster using a range of made body parts.



This term we will be doing Welsh folk dance and ball skills on Friday afternoon with Mrs Francis


  • We will be using the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10  times tables this term, so it is vital that your child knows the earlier ones. (Please keep up the 10X table and counting in tens – when children add 50 and 90, they can sometimes think the answer is 114, instead of 140.)
  • We will be looking at time
  • We will be giving change from £5.
  • We will be using fractions and decimals, finding 1/4 of something, 1/2 of something, etc of something.
  • We will be measuring to the nearest centimetre and estimating.



We will also be working towards our school Eisteddfod on March 1st by learning a song and poetry, painting and writing a story, and then having World Book Day on March 8th. Our Class assembly will be the latter half of next half term, date to be confirmed. Any queries, then please do come and see me, either before school or afterwards on the playground.


Thank you very much for your cooperation in all these matters. We look forward to another successful term.


Miss Toombs and Mrs Sutherland