Welcome to Year 3. The children and I are settling in well.  Hopefully this letter will let you know what we are doing in Year 3 this term.


Topic Work

 ‘Sportswear Designer’ covers a variety of scientific areas such as the properties of materials, insulators and conductors, evaporation, waterproof and absorbent, and keeping healthy. The children will explore how to design and make a prototype of some clothing, improving their cutting and joining skills. In Literacy, they will explore the words and language used in advertising, advertise their product and do persuasive writing.

‘999 Emergency’ looks at the role of the emergency services in the community and several local social and moral dilemmas (e.g. litter, graffiti, anti-social behaviour). They will use ICT to research the work that the emergency services carry out as well as writing the scripts for a drama which feature young people and deals with these dilemmas. They will then act them out or film an animated version of them. They will produce posters and leaflets about local issues.

Alongside these topics, the children will also have Welsh and RE lessons. In Welsh they will be following the new ‘Pod Antur’ scheme. The RE themes for these two half terms are Trust and Humility. If you have anything which may help us at all with our topics, or know someone who could visit school and talk about the topic, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. All suggestions will be gratefully received. We have previously had several visitors in to speak to the children including a professional cyclist, a member of the Neighbourhood Watch, a forensics expert and a journalist, among others.