God Behind, God Beside, God Ahead

Beautiful World

Shine Jesus Shine

Actions for God Behind, God Beside, God Ahead are as follows:-

God behind, God beside, God ahead = point right hand index finger to ceiling, to represent God. Hold left hand index finger upright to represent a person. Move right hand down behind the person, beside the person and then in front of person.

With us = link fingers of hands together

Morning = hands move upwards like the sun coming up, or curtains opening.

Day = hold hands down by waist, with palms facing upwards

Evening = hands move downwards like the sun going down, or curtains closing.

Song words below.

Don't worry about the label '2015'. They're for this year's service as well. Just click to download.

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ppt Lord the light of your love is shining [ppt 139KB] Download document
ppt Beautiful World [ppt 147KB] Download document
ppt Abba fe'th addolwn [ppt 130KB] Download document
ppt God behind, God beside, God ahead [ppt 136KB] Download document
ppt One More Step [ppt 128KB] Download document
ppt Jubilate Deo [ppt 132KB] Download document
ppt Father God I Wonder [ppt 133KB] Download document
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