PE is on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.  PE kits can be left in school. Please ensure ALL items of clothing are named.

Spellings and Homework

Each week your child will be given some words to learn. On a Thursday they will have a little test to ensure they know this week's words. We will practise daily in school, and will send new words home on a Friday. Please help your child to practise their spellings at home using the look, cover, write, check method that they are familiar with. 

On a Friday your child will also bring home a piece of homework to support the learning that has taken place in class. Spelling books and homework should be returned to school on a Thursday.

Morning Snacks

We provide a selection of fresh fruit snacks every morning. The cost is £1 a week. You can pay weekly, half- termly or for the whole term. This money should be sent in on a Monday in a marked envelope.

School dinners

School dinners cost £2 per day. Dinner money is now organised through Parent Pay. Please check the menu carefully for the dates to find out which week’s menu to look at.


Milk is provided for all children at morning playtime.  I also suggest you send in an extra drink of water in a named bottle for your child to have throughout the day. This will be kept in a drinks box in the classroom.

Reading Books

School reading books will be sent home on the day your child reads. Please listen to your child read, help them to practise any key words given. These should all be returned to school the following week on their reading day (as marked on their folder)In addition to the reading books your child will have the opportunity to bring home a library book to share with you. This should be returned on a Thursday.