Year 1 Spring 2018

Blwyddyn 1 Gwanwyn 2018

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to a new term. I hope you all had a restful Christmas and are looking forward to an exciting new year.


Our topics this half term are “Superheroes” and “Community Explorers

In our Super heroes topic children will learn to identify healthy eating habits; To use music movement and musical instruments to express the characteristics of fictional characters; To identify acceptable behaviour and give reasons for their choices;To identify real life ‘superheroes’ and describe their lives. We will be writing fact files about real life superheroes and fantasy stories about fictional ones. We will be creating our own Superhero identities. We will be sharing what we have learned in our class assembly on Friday 16th February at 9.15am, and we hope to see as many of you there as possible.

After half term we will move on to Community Explorers. This topic has a geography focus and teaches children about the geographical and human features of their local community. At the heart of this project children write a range of instructions and directions using maps and first hand experience. In addition they develop skills using the language of position and direction. They will learn about our community, about important people who help  us in our local  community;  How to follow instructions and directions; • How to write and order instructions; • How to use art and design skills to express their ideas    creatively;


Now, just a reminder about one or two things which help us to run the class smoothly

Snack money

All children are given fruit at morning playtime, and so we ask for snack money of £1 a week. This can be paid weekly on a Monday, or half termly if you prefer. Please put the money in a named envelope and put it in the box in the foyer, or send it in with your child. We have had several cases of money being lost, and other money being found in the form of loose coins with no way of knowing who has brought it in, so PLEASE do put ALL money in a named envelope as getting reminders for money you know you have already sent in can cause distress. In Year 1 we like to encourage independence, so we ask children to make sure they give us any notes or money from home. We do not check their bags daily!


Homework, Reading and Spelling Practice

We have been delighted with the effort children are making to complete and return homework, including reading books and spelling practice, so many thanks to all parents for this. The help you give at home is invaluable to the progression of your child’s learning, and we really appreciate the support you are giving. We do encourage children to keep their reading books at home for a full week to allow them to practise as often as posible. Once they are confident reading the book, there are comprehension type activities you can do to follow it up, for example asking them the questions you will find inside the back cover, asking them to re-tell the story to you in their own words, doing a “word hunt” eg “can you find me words which begin with a?”. All of these activities will help your child to develop valuable reading skills which will benefit them as they move up the school.

For further help with this, have a look at the Oxford Owl website

It is packed with ideas, games and free eBooks which I am sure you and your child will enjoy.


One last note – please can you make sure that every item of clothing, bags, lunchboxes and water bottles is named. We have a huge amount of lost property and this can cause distress to all concerned. We will do our best to encourage your child to look after their property, but having items labelled with their name makes this an awful lot easier! 


If you have any queries please do come and speak to me.


Best wishes ,

Mrs C. Bawler