Year 4 Information for Parents - Summer Term

Routine activities

Many of the routine lessons and activities from last term will be continuing as normal:

    • Handwriting on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday
    • Swimming every Thursday morning.
    • Spelling Test and Lesson on a Friday (please remember red spelling books)
    • SEAL/Circle Time on a Tuesday
    • Singing Practice on a Friday morning
    • Big Write two/three times a topic
    • PPA time is covered by Mrs Francis on a Wednesday morning.
    • Maths homework usually on a Tuesday, to be returned the following day (unless it is a longer task than normal)
  • Reading books to be returned at least once a week



PE and Swimming

Swimming for Year 4 will continue every week, apart from next week when we will be sitting one of our national tests. PE will more often than not be outdoors and we will be developing our ball skills and working together in order to build up to some competitive team games. Please send your child’s PE kit into school if you have not done so.


Swimming money

Swimming continues to be £2 every week. If you choose to pay in one lump sum, there will be four sessions this half term, and we plan to have six sessions next half term. Parent Pay is not yet set up for trips and swimming money, so if you would like to pay all of the amount up front in one payment, you may do so. Please send in £20 in an envelope. Parent Pay will soon be rolled out for trips and other payments, but it is not up and running yet for swimming money.


National Tests

The national tests will be taking place this half term. As in previous years, the children will sit a Reading Comprehension paper and two Maths papers. We will continue to practise for the tests over the next two weeks in school. The dates for our tests will be Wednesday 3rd May, Thursday 4th May and Tuesday 9th May. 

If you want to do any extra practice for them at home, you could:-

  • add up and take away amounts of money (3 sweets at 70p and 2 toffees at 20p – how much change from a £5 note?)
  • practise telling the time on a digital clock and an analogue clock, including using the 24-hour clock (a bus leaves London at 11:45 and arrives in Newport at 14:10. How long did it take? It got to Abergavenny 40 minutes later. Draw that on a clock face.)
  • questions about times table facts (how many people would need 24 shoes? How many egg boxes for 90 eggs? How many 10s in 130?)
  • reading any scales and dials – weighing scales, measuring tapes, thermometers, gas meter.
  • add up and take away simple sums, or give the answer and your child has to guess the question (140 +25 = _?_ 3 x _?_ = 18).


Topic Work

Our first topic of the Summer Term is ‘The Big Dip’. This has a Science focus and during this topic, the children will be finding out about plants and animals that live in and around a pond, life cycles, food chains, pollution and climate change. They will write imaginative stories set in a pond and develop their use of description.

The second topic which we will study after the half term holiday will be ‘Travel Agents’ and this has a Geography focus. We will be comparing and contrasting two localities around the world, study the climate around the world, particularly St Lucia, and research different places to go on holiday.

The two RE Values taught this term will be Forgiveness and Responsibility, while in SEAL we will be learning about Relationships and Changes.

In Welsh, we will continue the new Pod Antur scheme, describing the Tudors in Welsh, writing a book review, learning some future tense words, watching the DVD and learning a new language pattern for giving suggestions.

If you have anything which may help us at all with our topics, or know someone who could visit school and talk about the topic, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. All suggestions will be gratefully received.